From Worst to Best Subject: MATH

Math, the subject of numbers. I’ve always thought that this subject is the most boring and worst and that the teachers teaching it are horrible monsters. I’ve never thought that this was fun. Failing marks for me was an everyday thing. But something sparked inside me one day. As usual my parents were doing their sermon about this subject when I  caught something that I thought could be useful, they said that if only I enjoyed this subject would I become better at it. So the next day I tried to think that this was cool and fun. To my surprise my parents’ advise did work! I keep on getting perfect marks in math tests and soon after, I became the best in math in the classroom. Then I realized that this can also work on other things in life and that is why I would always try to enjoy everything even if it hurts to.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New year is a holiday celebrated by Chinese annually. Every year the date changes this year the date of the Chinese New Year is Feb.10. Every year the Chinese also honors one of the i2 symbolic animals. This year the symbolic animal is the snake. This holiday is celebrated by lighting fireworks and watching dragon and lion dances. Those who celebrate also eat symbolic food most of it is round for good luck. Tikoy is a delicacy enjoyed in this season this is actually a sticky and sweet food believed to make families stick together. Another delicacy is noodles believed to bring long life.

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Happiness is a gift!!

I think I should  make my family and friends happy.I will make them happy by doing good deeds to them such as cheering them up when they are sad and doing chores for them. Making them food and drinks is another way of giving them happiness.

You may be asking why do we need to make them happy? It is because if we give them happiness they will also give us happiness and together we can be a happy family and have best friends forever.

Happiness is truly the greatest gift we could ever give. If you give others happiness you yourself becomes happy.family1

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